Day: 2 May 2013


[Updated] Game Insight gearing up to release their MMORPG called Dragon Eternity

Game Insight is gearing up to release the mobile version of an MMORPG called Dragon Eternity onto Android soon. We actually talked about this game coming to Android back in June of last year and it finally looks as though it will be released soon. Dragon Eternity is a rather large MMORPG content-wise where players will be able to control their own dragon pet and battle it out with a variety of other monsters while exploring a rather big world.


PlayJam’s GameStick gets the rebooted Boulder Dash collection from Herocraft

Recently Herocraft, in conjunction with First Star Software, released a remake of the classic Boulder Dash games called Boulder Dash-XL. While this game features the same hectic style of gameplay as the classic version did from a long time ago, the visuals have been completely redone with a more 3D look to them. There are also a couple of other features that this reboot comes with to bring it more into the modern times.


Rovio’s socially enhanced Angry Birds Friends has landed on Google Play

Rovio has been teasing that their Facebook game Angry Birds Friends would be arriving onto Android and iOS today and sure enough the game is now available on Google Play for those of you who want to get a little more competitive with your bird flinging skills. As we explained in our last article about Angry Birds Friends, this version of the original game pretty much plays out just like the original game but with the addition of a few social features.