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Join us this Sunday for our Pocket Galaxy live stream on TwitchTV, even take part in it!

Hey everyone, just a quick announcement regarding our TwitchTV station. This Sunday at 10pm (eastern) I will be live streaming gameplay from  Pocket Galaxy, a game we recently posted a huge pile of beta access keys for. Fortunately for all of you, there are some keys left unclaimed. So we will be giving more beta access keys away during this live stream.

 Pocket Galaxy is a neat little space shooter game that is coming to PC and Android soon. It involves shooting down enemy ships, completing quests, mining materials from asteroids, and building/developing parts for your ship. All in an online environment, so you can quest with other pilots.

So what are you waiting for? Snag a beta key, if there are unused ones still, and join us this Sunday on TwitchTV and Pocket Galaxy! If you already have one, come join in the fun in-game on Sunday as well. See yourself on the stream and even do some quests with fellow DroidGamers readers!

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