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Rovio’s upcoming Angry Birds Seasons update confirmed to have portals

Back in April we talked about Angry Birds Seasons and that Rovio was getting ready to release an update to it which would bring a whole new game mechanic to it, one that we speculated would be something along the lines of portals that you could fling a bird into and teleport them to a different location in each stage. Rovio has now confirmed that this update will indeed have the new portal game mechanic.

This is a pretty big change to the gameplay as it will open up whole new options on how to beat levels once the update arrives. The confirmation of portals came this morning in a form of a rather humorous video that Rovio posted on Vine which you can check out below.

As for when this update will arrive, no official date has been announced yet but it should be arriving pretty soon. Spring isn’t going to be around much longer so releasing a Spring Angry Birds Seasons update in the Summer doesn’t make much sense.

Website Referenced: Rovio’s Vine

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