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Dead On Arrival 2 multiplayer beta to begin in June, sign-ups now live

While N3V Games’ upcoming zombie shooter Dead On Arrival 2 is already underway with its pre-beta testing phase, the company has announced when the next beta will begin and what it will entail. For those of you already in the beta, you won’t have to worry about signing up again or anything like that. When the new version of the game is released, you’ll have access to it.

So what can we expect in this next beta? Well the second beta will bring the first look at multiplayer in Dead On Arrival 2. When this beta begins, it will be considered as the official closed beta phase, dropping the ‘pre’ tag that the current beta has right now. The game will be more complete, more bugs will have been fixed and as we have already mentioned, multiplayer will be available.

If you’re interested in signing up for the official closed beta of Dead On Arrival 2 (if you aren’t apart of the current beta that is) then you can head on over to the official beta sign-up page to try your luck at getting in. You will need an Android device with a Tegra 3 or higher chipset in it to participate in the beta.

Official Website: Dead On Arrival 2 closed beta

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