Day: May 16, 2013

Game News

World War Z will be getting a movie tie-in game, arriving May 30th

Brad Pitt has a movie hitting theaters soon called World War Z and Phosphor Games has been hired to develop and publish an official movie tie-in game for Android and iOS which will also be called World War Z. We already know the kind of games this company develops so we can expect to see plenty of eye candy in this new one, especially because it is also being developed using the Unreal Engine.

Game News

Social game developer King to bring Pet Rescue Saga to Android this Summer

A game development company called King, who develop social games on a variety of platforms, has announced that they will be bringing Pet Rescue Saga to Android this Summer. You may already be familiar with King thanks to their rather popular game Candy Crush Saga. Their new game will follow in the footsteps of Candy Crush Saga and will be a cross-platform social game as well.

Game News

[Google I/O 13] Google will be closing down Google+ Games as of June 30th

As with most Google I/O events that have happened so far, we get a lot of goodies announced for us to enjoy but there is always at least one service that gets an announcement that it will be shutting down and this year it will be Google+ Games. The service wasn’t exactly the most popular one Google has launched in the past but with the birth of Google Play Games, there really isn’t much of a need for Google+ Games at all.