Day: 22 May 2013


Spicy Horse Games’ upcoming Oz game will have zombies and steampunk

American McGee’s, who developed the Alice: Maddness Returns game and owns Spicy Horse Games studio, has released a few more details about their upcoming new Oz game that we talked about only a few days ago. At the time the company didn’t even know what genre the game would be in or what it would all entail. Now we know that there will a Steampunk theme meshed into it as well as zombies.


Amazon’s AppStore gets updated, now available in almost 200 countries

Back in April Amazon announced that it had some pretty big plans for expanding their AppStore to more countries, 200 or so of them actually. Well it looks like those plans have finally come to life with the AppStore’s new update to version 5.0. This expansion doesn’t just means you can look at the AppStore in awe and wonder but actually take advantage of all the features it comes with.