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Ravensword: Shadowlands gets updated with full controller support

Crescent Moon Games has pushed out an update for their massive 3D RPG called Ravensword; Shadowlands that brings with it full controller support which, if you prefer playing games with a controller, is very good news for you today. When we say full controller support, we mean full controller support for multiple controllers.

The update brings support for the Playstation 3 controller, the Xbox 360 controller and even the MOGA Pro game controller. While the game plays perfectly fine without the use of a controller, there are a lot of mobile gamers out there who still prefer to use one over touchscreen controls.

So this means we can add one more game to the rather lengthy list of Android games that support controllers. The update has just finished being uploaded right now so expect to be able to download it within the next hour or two depending on how long it takes to properly propagate through Google Play.

Google Play Link: Ravensword: Shadowlands

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