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Gameloft’s Zombiewood gets updated, multiplayer teased in new video?

Gameloft has updated their top-down zombie massacring game Zombiewood today and with this update comes a bunch of new content including a new game mode, new maps, zombies and weapons. In a video released yesterday, Gameloft has also begun teasing ‘something big’ which looks like it will be multiplayer features coming soon.

The update brings two new maps to Zombiewood, an old mansion and the roof-top of a high-rise building have both been invaded by masses of zombies. There is also a new survival mode called “Blockbuster Premiere Mode” where you will need to survive waves of zombies. Doing so will net you some big rewards as well. Speaking of zombies, there are two new types to watch out for: Bomber Girl and Rocket Boy.

There is a new weapon to help you out with the new game mode and zombie types called The Hydra. As for clothing, there are a few new outfits as well but those will probably just make you look more tasty to the zombies. The update is now out so feel free to download it and start killing the new zombies.

Gameloft also released a video, which you can watch above, teasing ‘something big’ coming this month. Since the month is almost over, either the company didn’t include multiplayer in the update like planned, maybe because it needed more work, or Gameloft plans another update in the next day or two that will bring multiplayer to Zombiewood.

Google Play Link: Zombiewood

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