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Battle Bears Gold online multiplayer shooter coming in June

Battle Bears have been a popular franchise for awhile now with a variety of titles available on Android and iOS already. However SkyVu Entertainment is gearing up to release a new online multiplayer shooter called Battle Bears Gold which will feature cross-platform multiplayer gaming for PC, smartphones and tablets.

Since this is a Battle Bears game, everyone will be bears, different types of bears with different weapons shooting other people who are playing as bears. There are a total of 8 different classes, not just the standard three or four that you find in these types of games. There is also plenty of whacky weapons and other goodies because this is Battle Bears after all.

Battle Bears Gold Features:

-9 skins available!
-2 Primary Weapons!
-2 Secondary Weapons!
-2 Melee Weapons!

3 New Maps:
-Gold Digger
-Skate or Die
-Sky View

Pro Mode HUD Options:

-Jump Button
-Radar Display
– Customized Button Layout
– Full Menu Redesign
– Private Arenas (Play with friends!)
– HD Graphics (Only available on higher end devices. App automatically detects what graphic mode to show)

Check out the trailer above to see the game in action. As for when Battle Bears Gold will drop onto the world, the game is slated for release next month. The only question is whether this arrives as an upgrade to a current Battle Bears game or as a whole new install since it sounds like it is an upgrade.

Developer Website: Battle Bears

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