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Glu Mobile announces real cash gambling is coming to their games

Glu Mobile is teaming up with Skillz to bring real-money gambling to their mobile games. The first game to receive this new feature will be Deer Hunter Reloaded since it is legal in 37 states to bet on games based around skill while actual online gambling on games revolving around chance is only legal right now in three states.

So how will this all play out? Well Glu Mobile will be holding cash-based competitions through the game itself with the use of Skillz’s software. If you’re a boss at Deer Hunter Reloaded, there is a good chance you’ll be good in the competitions and possibly win real cash prizes. The examples below only show tournaments for a few bucks but there literally is no reason there couldn’t be competitions for hundred of dollars or more.

When you enter a competition, you will have to pay an entrance fee. These fees will essentially be your ‘bet’ that you will win the competition and some of the money prize. Fees will vary between tournaments depending on the prize amount. No word on exactly when this will go live but it will be pretty soon.

Developer Websites: Glu Mobile | Skillz

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