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Fallen Tree Games brings their third Quell game to Android called Quell Memento

Fallen Tree Games has brought the third installment of their puzzle game franchise Quell over to Android via Amazon’s AppStore called Quell Memento. Following the the footsteps of its older brothers, Quell Memento is another sliding puzzle game with a zen-like quality to it.

Like the previous Quell games, there is a lot of content in Quell Memento with over 140 levels to work your way through. That doesn’t include the additional 20 secret levels to find and all the collectibles to earn as well. The theme of this particular Quell game is actually pretty interesting as well. Taking place in an old mansion, solving the puzzles will help restore the jumbled mess of memories the last occupant ha left behind. In doing so you discover the story behind the last occupant of the house and the ties it has to you.

Quell Memento Features:

– Over 140 cunningly crafted puzzles!
– Over 20 secret bonus levels!
– Hidden collectibles to discover!
– Perfectly balanced difficulty curve!
– New soundtrack by composer Steven Cravis

While Quell Memento is currently only available on Amazon’s AppStore, it isn’t limited to Kindle devices so anyone with access can grab a copy. Will it come to Google Play? Yes it will as all previous Quell games are available on there. It will probably be released after the usual two week temporary exclusivity time period Amazon releases tend to have. Quell Memento is available for $1.99.

Amazon Market Link: Quell Memento

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