Day: 4 June 2013


Quick Interview with John Gargiulo from Bluestack about their GamePop console system

Recently BlueStacks, a company best known for their software which allows select Android apps to run on PCs and Macs, announced their latest product, the GamePop. For those of you unfamiliar with GamePop, this is a home gaming console running Android to play Android games on but features a subscription-based business model where players can access all the games in full for a monthly fee.


Green Throttle to pay developers commission for selling their controllers

Green Throttle has come up with a rather interesting plan to help promote and sell their controller system that essentially turns your Android device into a console where you can play multiplayer games with friends in person using two controllers and your Android phone or tablet. The company is offering up an affiliate program for indie developers to sign-up for where they will get paid commission should someone buy a controller through a developer.