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Green Throttle to pay developers commission for selling their controllers

Green Throttle has come up with a rather interesting plan to help promote and sell their controller system that essentially turns your Android device into a console where you can play multiplayer games with friends in person using two controllers and your Android phone or tablet. The company is offering up an affiliate program for indie developers to sign-up for where they will get paid commission should someone buy a controller through a developer.

It’s an interesting affiliate marketing strategy that hasn’t totally been done before in this capacity where developers are offered up a commission for selling a piece of hardware. The first 100 developers to join the program will receive a 20% commission paid for each controller sold, with a 10% starting commission for any subsequent developers who join the program.

If you are an indie developer interested in signing up for this program, just hit up the link below to begin the sign-up process. This program is strictly only for indie mobile game developers.

Official Website: Green Throttle Indie Developer program

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