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DeNA and Spicy Horse partnering up for the release of Hell Invaders

DeNA and American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games have announced that they will be partnering up for Spicy Horse Games’ upcoming title Hell Invaders. Basically their new game will use features from DeNA’s social gaming platform Mobage and will most likely be published under the Mobage name on Google Play.

Hell Invaders will be a multiplayer TCG title mixed with RTS gaming to create a rather unique experience. The entire game is set in the Underworld and instead of just seeing the cards and some basic animations when two creatures are fighting each other, the monsters will come ‘alive’ in 3D rendered visuals where the monsters will actually fight it out. This also expands into cards with upgrades and swappable skills which will be represented within the battle as it happens.

There will be both single-player campaigns and multiplayer PvP arenas available depending on how you want to play. Players will also be able to trade cards with other players in-game. Right now there is no set release date for Hell Invaders, only that it is coming soon but only for tablets.

Developer Website: Spicy Horse

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