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Is there a Humble Bundle for Android coming this month? It looks like it.

The last time we made one of these prediction posts about the next Humble Bundle for Android arriving it was back March of this year where we figured out that one would be arriving in March, then four days later the Humble Bundle for Android 5 arrived. Now it is time to do it again.

While we don’t have as precise evidence this time around like we did last time, we do have a few hints that it looks like it’ll be arriving this month. First, Frozen Synapse is a game we are looking forward to and should have already been released. However, a delay in the game’s release has happened but it’s not because of a bug or anything. In fact the game is ready and the developers have stated on Facebook that “Frozen Synapse Android should be released in June – sorry for slight slippage – not under our control!“.

This may not immediately point to a Humble Bundle on the way but looking back on previous Humble Bundles in general, Frozen Synapse has made an appearance there before, just now for Android. Not to mention that Frozen Synapse is the perfect type of game for Humble Bundle, the porting of it is also being done by a different company which is a hallmark of Humble Bundle games.

So, we think that there will be a Humble Bundle for Android arriving at some point this month. The only problem we have is when exactly that will be if, in fact, we are correct.

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