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MOGA to introduce a new series of controllers at E3 that will charge your phone

E3 2013 is only a few days away and already the news is coming at a steady pace. Today MOGA has announced that they will be showing off officially a new series of controllers for mobile gaming that features a new technology that the company is calling Boost Technology.

The new series of controllers will be called the MOGA Power Series and will feature this new Boost Technology where the controller will actually charge your phone while you’re playing your games. This means you’ll be able to play longer without having to worry about your phone’s battery dieing quickly. There will be two controllers in the series just like the same way they did it with their original series of controllers, with a small compact version and a full-sized Pro version.

The two new controllers will also feature support for multiplayer gaming on the same screen, improved ergonomics and improved Bluetooth radios for better connectivity. The smaller compact version has also been redesigned and now features clickable analog thumbsticks, shoulder buttons, a D-pad and an improved form factor.

Right now there is no word on a release date or pricing for either controller but price-wise it should be fairly close to the original controllers price tag.

Official Website: MOGA

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