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EA’s Need for Speed: Rivals will feature cross-platform gameplay with tablets

Electronic Arts held their press event announcing plenty of gaming information as one would expect to see at these events. One of the mobile related tidbits of information to come out of the press conference was that the upcoming Need for Speed: Rivals game will feature cross-platform multiplayer gameplay but not in the traditional sense.

While you won’t actually be racing against other players, people using Android or iOS tablets can directly effect a game that is going on. This can take the form of calling in support to help the cops out who happen to be chasing another player, such as air support via a helicopter.

Need for Speed: Rivals still focuses on traditional mutiplayer gameplay as well but thanks to the new multiplayer technology called AllDrive, players are connected in multiple ways now including the above described scenario while connected to the game on your tablet.

As for when Need for Speed: Rivals actually comes out, right now there is a tentative date of November 19th for consoles and PC.

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