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[E.E3 2013] Check out the E3 2013 show floor through Google Glass

While we unfortunately do not have a Google Glass unit ourselves, the folks at Mashable do happen to have one and also happened to be in attendance at E3 2013. So while wandering the show floor during the event, they decided to record a tour of everything through Google Glass.

While the footage in the video is about 30 minutes long, they have done some editing (as in fast forwarding a lot) in order to shorten the time down to 3 minutes for easier viewing. You’ll get to see a little bit of everything through the video tour including different company booths, lots of visuals and even people dancing around. If you have motion sickness or anything like that, you might not want to watch this as the fast forwarding might make you ill. Other than that, enjoy.

Website Referenced: Mashable

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