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Phosphor Games drops the price of World War Z down to $0.99 for a limited time

Phosphor Games and Paramount Digital Entertainment have decided to temporarily drop the price of their newest zombie survival movie spin-off game World War Z. What was once $4.99 is now a mere $0.99 for a limited time. So why the sudden sale right after Father’s Day?

Our guess is that since the game has suffered from some bugs, bad performance and just generally angry reviews from people who purchased the game right away, they decided to drop the price of the game in order to help get more people to purchase it. Apparently the game received an update today when it went on sale but no changelog was posted. This means it was probably just a bunch of bug fixes.

Some people seem to be able to play the game just fine though and the update probably helped with that. If you’ve been wanting to pick the game up, now would be the time to do it and save yourself four bucks in the process.

Google Play Link: World War Z

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