Day: 19 June 2013


Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Live game will give you a chance to win a car

Ubisoft’s companion app for their Watch Dogs game has essentially been turned into a game itself. Technically this is more of a game than an app although it really is a bit of both. Regardless of what exactly this application now is, Watch Dogs Live has undergone a soft launch in Canada to do some final testing before it launches worldwide. When that happens, if you’re at the top of the leaderboard when the game end, you’ll win a car.


An upcoming update for the TwitchTV app will bring the Follow feature along with it

TwitchTV’s application on Google Play will soon be getting an update that will allow you to follow your favorite streamers that you like to watch. It has been well stated that the application has been missing a few key features that users would have liked to have seen when it originally launched and hopefully this is the beginning of bringing some of those features to the app.


[Updated] Mid-week Android Game Sales Round-up: Final Fantasy III, Worms 2, Broken Sword II and more

While we missed last week with regards to posting are usual Android game sales round-up both mid-week and at the end, we are back now and just in time to post a rather impressive list of games currently on sale right now. There are a lot of big named titles going for some pretty good discounts including a variety of Square Enix titles currently going for 50% off.


[Updated] DroidLanding Twitter account active, D:Com game tied to new promo and now leaked

So over the past day the DroidLanding Twitter account became active once again and as of yesterday had been teasing an augmented reality game that is tied to this year’s promotion that the DroidLanding Twitter account is doing. The game, called D:Com, is on Google Play but isn’t available for download just yet. However a leaked version of the game is now available today.


PlayJam’s GameStick delayed until August due to its UI development

PlayJam’s GameStick Android-powered portable game console happens to be one of the rather popular devices in this new category of Android gaming. Having had a successful Kickstarter campaign, plenty of positive feedback from the community and a redesign of the unit itself, it has come a long way from being just a concept. While the device was slated to launch this Summer, close to when Ouya would officially be released as well, PlayJam has announced that the unit’s launch has been delayed by a short bit.