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Talisman Prologue HD Review – Fun times with random monsters and loot

Talisman Prologue HD is a board game that has been around for quite a long time. This game is also available for iOS devices. I never played this game before but after trying the electronic version, I think I would have liked the board game.

Name: Talisman Prologue HD | Developer: Thumbstar Games | Category: Brain & Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.6114 | Size: 48 MB | Price: $4.99 |

Before I get into the specifics of the game, some details:

– Single player game
– No profiles or the ability to save games
– Game lengths vary
– 10 different characters
– 50 quests to play
– Multiplayer game is scheduled for release Autumn 2013

This is from the developer regarding the game’s ruleset:

While Talisman Prologue HD uses the rules of the board game, there are some differences in the gameplay. The biggest new addition to the game is the introduction of quests. In the classic board game of Talisman, the goal is to reach the Crown of Command and claim it. In order to provide a varied, rich, and story-focused experience each time you play Talisman Prologue HD, you play one of fifty unique quests for each of its ten characters. The quests have goals that the player must complete in order to lead his hero to victory.

This is a fun game and pretty easy to play. There is a help section and some background info on the game. When you first start, there is a tutorial to walk you through the basics. You start the game off as a warrior. Once you finish that warrior training you will unlock the troll, once you finish that training then you will unlock another character and so on.

Each character has strength, craft, fate, gold, and lives plus his bent (good, evil, neutral) all of which will influence how the game is played out. For each character there are 5 missions and your goal is to finish them in a few rolls as possible.

To play, you roll the dice and move your character around the board. You do not have to move in a single direction like Monopoly-you can go any way to want. The board will highlight on your possibly moves. When you land on a space you will do want it says, which usually is drawing a card or two. Once you finish doing what the cards say you roll again. One neat thing about this game is that no two games are the same.

As was mentioned above, each game will vary in length, just depends on where you go on the board (via your dice roll) and how fast you can complete the quest requirements. I do not mind this, but the one thing I do not like about the game is the inability to save games (quests) in progress. Not sure why the developers chose to do this-even with a board game you can get up from it for a while and come back.

Despite that one issue, this is a really fun game. The graphics, the virtual board, game pieces, music, and overall game play make this a keeper. This reminds me a lot of the board games like D&D that I played as a kid.

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