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An upcoming update for the TwitchTV app will bring the Follow feature along with it

TwitchTV’s application on Google Play will soon be getting an update that will allow you to follow your favorite streamers that you like to watch. It has been well stated that the application has been missing a few key features that users would have liked to have seen when it originally launched and hopefully this is the beginning of bringing some of those features to the app.

The Follow feature will let you follow the streamers you like to watch. In order to follow streamers a sign-on feature will be implemented where you’ll need to sign into the app using your TwitchTV credentials. You will be able to see your follow count inside the app as well but when you look at the list of who you follow, only the channels available that are compatible with the app will be shown. This means your follow count will be pulled from your actual TwitchTV account.

Right now there is no set release time as to when the update will go live, only that it will be arriving soon. For those of you curious, and who have been requesting a chat feature for the app, that is also in the works right now but there is no ETA on when that will actually be released.

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