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Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Live game will give you a chance to win a car

Ubisoft’s companion app for their Watch Dogs game has essentially been turned into a game itself. Technically this is more of a game than an app although it really is a bit of both. Regardless of what exactly this application now is, Watch Dogs Live has undergone a soft launch in Canada to do some final testing before it launches worldwide. When that happens, if you’re at the top of the leaderboard when the game end, you’ll win a car.

This isn’t an in-game car either but an actual Watch Dogs branded Scion. The game itself is a location-based hacking game where you’ll be able to unlock certain data when you visit locations in real-life. Of course these are specific locations and hitting up your local 7-11 won’t do. When you get to a location, you hack it and control it. This earns you in-game cash which you can then use to upgrade your hacking skills.

So how do you get on the top spot of the leaderboard? Well the ‘score’ is determined by how much data you’ve unlocked. If you’ve unlocked the most data by the time the game ends, you’ll be in the #1 spot and net yourself a new car. While working your way to the top, there will be weekly challenges as well with other real-life prizes up for grabs as well. If that isn’t enough for you, there will be real-time monthly missions where you can play with other gamers to further the cause of the game’s hacking faction Deadsec.

So when will the craziness begin? There is no exact release date for the worldwide launch but considering the game is already out in Canada on iOS, it shouldn’t be too much longer for the worldwide release which will happen on both Android and iOS.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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