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Eden To Green now available for everyone with an Android tablet

One game we’ve been reporting on for over a year now is an tower offense/defense type of game called Eden to Green. While the game was originally set to come out by the developers themselves, Zynga picked it up as part of their partnership program and now it is being released under the Zynga brand.

Not too long ago Eden to Green underwent a soft launch in a locatoin-limited capacity for final testing purposes but now the game is available to everyone who owns a tablets. In this game you will be using plants to bring back to life the forest which has been overrun and killed by evil machines. In each stage your goal is to get to the mother tree, surround it with life and effectively unchain it. However this is easier said than done.

Eden to Green Features:

– Over 40 plants and trees all beautifully animated and rendered in realtime 3D using Unreal Engine 3
– Choose between Expansion, Offensive and Defensive plants to execute your counter-attack
– Rise against the machines in over 70 maps
– Become friends and borrow plants from each other
– More maps, plants and campaigns will be constantly available via updates
– Optimized for Tegra devices featuring high resolution textures, highest quality shaders, tons of on-screen characters and beautiful effects galore

As you put down a plant, which there are many types of with different abilities to choose from, you’ll sprout grass around you. You will then be able to put another plant anywhere within the grass area, further expanding your reach. However the machines are coming at you in order to stop you so there is plenty of strategy involved.

For those of you who have been waiting paitently for this game to get released, Eden to Green is available off of Google Play for free and yes it does contain optional IAPs. You can check out the game in action in the video below.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Google Play Link: Eden to Green

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