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Herocraft releases an always changing match-3 puzzler called Treasures of the Deep

Herocraft has released a new match-3 puzzle game called Treasures of the Deep onto Google Play today. What makes this a little different than your typical match-3 puzzle game is that each level introduces a new game elements that you’ll have to deal with, making the gameplay more challenging and dynamic than your standard match-3 puzzle game.

There is also a storyline to this game where you have to uncover the lost crystals needed to power a device your character’s father created before disappearing. Fixing it will hopefully lead you to where your father has disappeared to.

Treasures of the Deep Features:

• Intuitive controls
• New gameplay tricks at each new level
• In-game leaderboards
• 80 levels

If you’re a fan of match-3 puzzle games that are a bit different than the norm, you might want to check out this new one from Herocraft. It’ll cost you a whole lot of nothing to download the game and try it out.

Google Play Link: Treasures of the Deep

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