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Kemco puts almost all their games on sale for a mere $0.99

Kemco has decided to randomly hold a big sale on their Android games on both Amazon’s AppStore as well as on Google Play. Almost all of their games on Google Play have been reduced to a mere $0.99 over their usually regular price of $3.99. Additionally, about half of their games on Amazon’s AppStore are also marked down to $0.99 as well.

The sale is for a limited time only, lasting a week from today. So that means you’ll have until June 30th, 2013 to pick up any of the titles you’ve been wanting to grab for pretty cheap, saving yourself on average of about $3 per game you purchase. Of course there will be more sales happening starting today which we will feature in our end-of-week Android game sale round-up later today.

For those of you interested in picking up a game or two, just hit up the links below to go to your market of choice.

Google Play Link: Kemco Games sale

Amazon’s AppStore: Kemco Games

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