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Point-and-click adventure game The Silent Age – Episode One arriving June 24th

Danish indie developer House on Fire will be releasing the first episode in their upcoming series of games called The Silent Age. The first episode has already been nominated for a Nordic Game Award and features minimalistic 2D visuals and a rather dark atmospheric kind of mood to it.

Players will be in control of Joe who, in 1972, stumbles onto a time machine. As he stumbles onto the time machine, a dying man tell him that a great catastrophe will happen to mankind and basically wipe everyone out. It ends up being your mission to hunt down clue to find out exactly what it is that is going to happen and how to hopefully stop it.

This game gets real interesting when you start traveling back and forth through time. As you solve puzzles and find clues, you end up altering the future so you re trying not to affect the future is any sort of negative way.

As of right now The Silent Age – Episode One is slated for release onto Google Play on June 24th, 2013 and will be available as a free download. The second episode is already in the planning stages. For now though check out the trailer above.

Developer Website: The Silent Age

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