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Larry the Squirrel’s Play Corner: Running and Gunning

It’s time for another episode of Larry the Incredible Edible Squirrel’s Play Corner. Today’s games deal with running and gunning. Both are super fun activities and both games offer up quite a bit of both.

Name: Grudger | Developer: Noble Muffins | Category: Arcade & Action | Players: 1 | Version: 1.1.3 | Size: 18 MB | Price: $2.00

Grudger is another runner game but with a twist. To complete each level you need to collect the silver bars and then deliver them to the customer (at the end of the level).  You will not only be running, you will need to jump, duck, and swing to collect the silver bars and survive. You only get one life too. If you die you start all over again.

The game currently has 45 levels broken down into 3 areas. You will need to get to a certain point before you can unlock the next area and the survival mode. There are easter eggs to find in the game. The graphic and game play are well done. I really enjoyed the challenge this game provided. No shields, extra lives, etc, just you trying to figure out how to get through and survive, all in a neat steampunk environment. If you have tried any running games, then you should get the hang of this one pretty quick.

Name: Total Recoil | Developer: Thumbstar | Category: Arcade & Action | Players: 1 | Version: 2.0.4 | Size: 36 MB | Price: Free |

If you are looking for a fun, shoot em up game, then you need to download Total Recoil. The game boasts two rules: Shoot everything that moves and shoot everything that doesn’t move! That makes things very simple indeed. This is third person shooter (from the top down) but does not allow for pinch to zoom. I found it a bit hard a times to see some of the things on a small screen.  As you destroy things you will earn coins, which can be used to purchase extra weapons and equipment. If you need more coins, you can get them via in app purchase(s).

The game comes with 10 levels. When you first begin you are in boot camp where you will learn how to play and the controls. Within the settings of the game, you can turn on/off the virtual joysticks and set it for right or left handed play.  There a number of in game achievements and you can share via Facebook and Twitter.  Overall the game played very nicely and is definitely a game that will not tax your brain. (That is a good thing every once in a while).

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