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Point-and click adventure game The Silent Age – Episode One now available

Back on Friday we had mentioned that The Silent Age – Episode One would be heading to Android today and sure enough the minimalistic time traveling point-and-click adventure game is now available on Google Play. For those of you who missed out previous coverage of this game, The Silent Age has a pretty cool concept where what you do in the game affects the outcome.

Players will be in control of Joe who, in 1972, stumbles onto a time machine. As he stumbles onto the time machine, a dying man tell him that a great catastrophe will happen to mankind and basically wipe everyone out. It ends up being your mission to hunt down clue to find out exactly what it is that is going to happen and how to hopefully stop it.

As you travel back and forth through time looking for clues on what is going to befall mankind and how to stop you, you’ll be solving puzzles to reveal this information. However, the decisions you make in the game will affect what happens. So traveling into the past and changing something will make the future different when you return back to it.

If you’re up for checking this game out you can download The Silent Age – Episode One off of Google Play for free. Episode Two is already in the planning stages of development as well so expect that to arrive in the near future.

Google Play Link: The Silent Age – Episode One

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