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BlueStacks announces GamePop Mini, their second subscription-based Android game console

If you were concerned that there are not enough Android-powered game consoles getting released over the next couple of months then you’ll be pleased to know that BlueStacks has announced a second Android-powered console called the GamePop Mini. While the original GamePop is still accepting pre-orders, the company has decided to announce this new model.

The GamePop Mini will also be using subscription-based business model ($6.99/month) as its bigger brother, the difference between the two units is that the actual hardware for the GamePop Mini will be free. Outside of that though, the ‘mini’ in the new model’s name should give away the fact that this particular console will be smaller in size and less powerful. The regular GamePop may have more peripherals available for it than the mini version.

The current promotion for pre-orders for the full-sized GamePop offers up the ability to get the console for free if you pay for 12 months of subscription upfront but only during the pre-order period. The GamePop Mini will, however, be offering up this deal for the entire duration of its life. If you don’t want to pay for 12 months upfront, the full-sized GamePop will run you $129 right now during pre-orders.

As for specifics when it comes to the actual hardware of the GamePop Mini, those details haven’t been released yet. However, if they don’t release the hardware specs in the next couple of days, you can blindly pre-order one starting July 1st, 2013. The last time we checked, Bluestacks was stating that they has over 500 games (and apps) from major companies ready for GamePop’s launch with more being added all the time.

Official Website: GamePop

Website Referenced: Android Police

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