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Real Racing 3 updated with two new manufacturers – Bentley and Mercedes-Benz

Real Racing 3 from EA has had an update pushed out to it today that brings with it two additional car manufacturers to the game along with some of their cars that you can now race. These companies are Bentley and Mercedes-Benz, so more on the luxury side of the car industry.

While there are two new car companies added to the game, there is also a bunch of other content that has been added as well including a new game mode called Time Trial. There are also new Clean Race and Daily Race Bonuses and a brand new progression system added to the game as well.

Firemonkeys and EA have apparently improved the graphics of Real Racing 3 as well with this update. Lastly, there are 180+ new events to compete and complete which means if you haven’t done all the other ones already, you now have a ton more to do.

The update is available for download off of Google Play now.

Google Play Link: Real Racing 3

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