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Gamevil releases Smile Plants, a match-3 puzzler with growing plants

Gamevil has decided to release a game that is a bit more on the casual side of things called Smile Plants. This particular game is a match-3 puzzler where players match up three or more of the same item in order to remove it from the playing field. Doing so also helps your plants to grow.

While the game is pretty straightforward since it is a match-3 puzzle game, there are a few unique features that come with Smile Plants. Players are able to play with friends through Facebook as well as show off their gardens. Gardens can be made up of over 30 different plants and customize them with cute decorations. You’ll also be able to compete with friends to see who can grow the longest beanstalk.

This may not be Gamevil usual type of game but for those of you who do enjoy a good match-3 puzzle game, you might want to check out Smile Plants. This game can be downloaded off of Google Play for free. Please note that some people are having trouble with the game loading past the loading screen. Usually Gamevil will update and fix something like this pretty quickly.

Google Play Link: Smile Plants

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