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Lode Runner Classic gets updated, now with support for MOGA controllers

Another game has decided to add official support for the MOGA game controller and that is Tozai’s Games’ Lode Runner Classic. This is the release of the classic Apple II game in terms of gameplay but comes with a variety of enhanced features. If you’re a retro game fan, this is one you should own if you don’t already.

Even though the big addition to the game with this update is the support for the MOGA controller, the update also brings with it better graphical display for Android tablets. While this game plays fine with touchscreen controls, using a controller will definitely be beneficial and if you own a MOGA you can now use it with this game.

PowerA is having a classic game theme for the Summer so expect another couple of games that are classics like this to get updated with MOGA support soon.

Google Play Link: Lode Runner Classic

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