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Nevosoft to release upcoming platformer City Cat, featuring Nyan Cat’s cousin, on July 11th

Nevosoft is planning to release a new platformer onto Android on July 11th, 2013 called City Cat. This particular platformer features a cat that looks like Garfield and Nyan Cat mated and had a baby. The cat looks like Garfield while shooting out a rainbow out from behind him as he runs and jumps through the game.

Our hero’s name is Pixel and he’s out to get his food back that happen to be stolen from him. This must be the Garfield part of is personality coming through since Garfield loves his food. While this is a platformer, it is also a continuous running game as well, so the action does come at you pretty fast as you get further into each round you play.

City Cat Features:

– endless “just-one-more-time” gameplay
– easy one-touch control that just feels right
– amazing pixel-art graphics – look at famous cities from a pixel-art perspective
– awesome power-ups: Cat-Hulk, Helicopter Cat and many more
– the opportunities to exchange diamonds among your friends and run farther
– weekly Facebook tournaments

As you collect coins you’ll be able to use those coins to purchase power-ups that you will be able to use along the way. The power-ups are pretty entertaining as well including ‘Hulk-Cat’ and Helicopter Cat. You can check out the game in action in the video above while you wait a couple more days to download City Cat when it lands on Google Play on Thursday.

Developer Website: Nevosoft

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