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Rovio Stars releases a new trailer for Tiny Thief, arriving on July 11th

Yesterday we talked about Rovio Stars and the fact that they would be releasing Tiny Thief, their first third-party game, onto Android on July 11th. This is a pretty interesting stealth-style puzzle game wrapped in a medieval theme where you’ll have over 50 characters to interact with across 30 different levels and over a hundred hidden items to find.

The game plays out like a point-and-click style of game though so no having to worry about flinging any objects or birds. However you will need to use your brain to solve each level. Now we get to see this upcoming game more in action thanks to a new trailer from Rovio. After watching the trailer, we can’t help but be more interested in this game than we originally were.


We still don’t have an idea of what price, if any, Tiny Thief will come with when it launches in a couple of days. At least we have a better understanding of how the game will play out now though.

Website Referenced: Rovio YouTube

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