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Spacetime Studios, now known as Spacetime Games, unveils their next game called Battle Dragons

Spacetime Studios, developers of popular mobile MMORPGs such as Arcane Legends and Dark Legends, has undergone a name change and are now known as Spacetime Games. Along with the new name, the company has unveiled their newest game which is called Battle Dragons and it is already available as a soft launch to residents in Canada and Australia.

Breaking away from their usual MMORPG format, Spacetime Games has gone ahead and made a sort of MMO city building combat game whee players will command and battle using armies of dragons. However, to do this players will need to gather resources, fortify their bases and grow your city. You’ll need to also form alliances with other players which will be called ‘Dragon Tribes’.

Players will be able to attack and pillage other people in the game but there is also a friendly spar option as well where you can test out or train in a sandbox mode. Of course like any game of this nature, you’ll need to build your city up in order to have the strongest army of dragons around.

If you happen to live in Australia or Canada, you can download the game now for free. The rest of the world will be getting Battle Dragons later this month or in the beginning of August. Until then, there are plenty of screenshots below and a trailer above to check out. There also happens to be an official Battle Dragons micro-site you can look at if you want to begin reading up.

Google Play Link: Battle Dragons (Canada & Australia only)


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