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Spicy Horse Games to rename OZombie to something else

While the decision was made official that it would not be another Alice game that Spicy Horse would be making with the appearance of the OZombie Kickstarter campaign the other day, at least not at first, the company has seen a bit of a bumpy road with the OZombie game as well.

While it really doesn’t have anything to do with the Kickstarter campaign itself, the company has decided to rename the game due to the fact that OZombie is apparently confusing people. The title is pronounced “OZ-Zombie” by American McGee but apparently there is just too much confusion regarding the name. It doesn’t go into detail whether it is the pronunciation of the OZombie name that seems to be confusing people or something else, but apparently its enough to warrant a change.

As to what the new name will be, there hasn’t been anything announced. There have been some pretty solid suggestions though already from backers of the OZombie Kickstarter. There is also one other thing to note and that is all items relating to Alice will be removed from the Kickstarter campaign. This is due to an agreement regarding the licensing of Alice but until American McGee pays it off, it can’t be used.

Website Referenced: OZombie Kickstarter update

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