Day: July 11, 2013

Game News

Towers Evolution tower defense game with RPG elements hits Kickstarter for funding

There is a new tower defense game looking for funding over on Kickstarter called Tower Evolution by ArtfulBits Inc. What this development studio is trying to do is make a game that is in a genre a lot of people love, tower defense, but mesh it with a thick layer of RPG elements to form a pretty interesting sounding hybrid game. In fact there will even be heroes in this game, so it isn’t your average tower defense title.

Game News

Vector Unit shows off some more gameplay in Riptide GP 2 with new video

Vector Unit’s highly anticipated sequel to their original and extremely good water racing game Riptide GP is getting closer to release. The company has already shown off some of the gameplay in a previous video, showcasing some of the new Jet Skis that will be in the game. Today they have released a new video, and actually plan to release more throughout the day, showing off some of the new tracks and stunts in the game.