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2K Games releases the continuous running game Turd Birds

Even though we already have a plethora of endless running games for mobile, it seems as though developers think that the market isn’t already saturated enough with endless running games. 2K Games is trying to get in on the action with the release of their new title Turd Birds, a disturbing day in the life a bird that craps a lot.

Essentially this is an over-the-shoulder endless running game just like the many that are already out on Google Play. The difference between this and those other games, aside from the graphical style, is that players are tasked with the wonderful job of crappy on targets that you happen to come across. These usually end up being humans.

Turd Birds Features:

– Watch what you eat along the way because not all poop is as pretty as a rainbow!
– Connect to Facebook and your friend’s profile pictures become targets!
– Collect feathers on your journey and unlock new birds like Sergeant Squirts and The Deuce.

Keeping with the crude humor of this game, the birds themselves (many of which you unlock as you play the game) have names that rival those of Garbage Pail Kids cards, with wonderful gems like ‘Sergeant Squirts’. There are obstacles that you do have to watch out for including UFOs and toxic waste.

If you’re up for a rather crude adventure with some birds that enjoy crapping over everything, you can pick up this strange and random title from 2K Games for free off of Google Play. Enjoy.

Google Play Link: Turd Birds

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