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Towers Evolution tower defense game with RPG elements hits Kickstarter for funding

There is a new tower defense game looking for funding over on Kickstarter called Tower Evolution by ArtfulBits Inc. What this development studio is trying to do is make a game that is in a genre a lot of people love, tower defense, but mesh it with a thick layer of RPG elements to form a pretty interesting sounding hybrid game. In fact there will even be heroes in this game, so it isn’t your average tower defense title.

While we encourage anyone interested in this game to read the Kickstarter page for this campaign, as there is a lot of information over there, here is a quick rundown of what Tower Evolution will be. This game will feature both a single player and a cross-platform multiplayer game mode. Multiplayer has five different categories you can play in ranging from your standard multiplayer match to tournament battles and everything in between.

There is an entire rune system in this game as well, with three types of runes becoming available. These are essentially spells and Grey Runes can be used by both Humans and Elementals (the two main races in this game, each element actually counts as a separate race) while Human Runes are for humans only and Elemental Runes are for Elementals. The more you play this game, the higher up your hero will be in level, so there is an entire leveling system in this game even though it is also a tower defense game.

The entire game is being built using Unity3D and is already about 53% done. The developers are looking for funding to help finish it up. The goal is to hit $140,000 in funding and the campaign has just started so there is 28 days to go should you want to chip in a couple of bucks. Either way take a look and read up on all the information available, it sounds like a pretty interesting concept.

Website Referenced: Tower Evolution Kickstarter

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