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Vector Unit shows off some more gameplay in Riptide GP 2 with new video

Vector Unit’s highly anticipated sequel to their original and extremely good water racing game Riptide GP is getting closer to release. The company has already shown off some of the gameplay in a previous video, showcasing some of the new Jet Skis that will be in the game. Today they have released a new video, and actually plan to release more throughout the day, showing off some of the new tracks and stunts in the game.

In this particular video, Vector Unit is showing off one of the new tracks that has criss-crossing jumps, elevated waterways and even an incredibly big jump which sends you airborne over a stadium. Missing these types of jumps will result in you crashing like a rag doll. This will also be the first Riptide GP game that will feature true multiplayer.

For those of you eager to get your hands on this game, Riptide GP 2 is still slated for release onto Android sometime this Summer. Keep an eye on Vector Unit’s YouTube channel for more videos coming throughout the day.

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