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Unnamed 101 is a Steampunk themed Action-RPG that is looking for funding on Kickstarter

An interesting new Steampunk themed Action-RPG title has hit up Kickstarter looking for funding. This particular game is actually a dual-stick Action-RPG so the combat plays out like an arcade shooter but the rest of the game is formatted like an RPG. Visually this game is already looking like an impressive title with some very highly detailed level design.

Unnamed 101 actually stick pretty true to the Steampunk theme, incorporating things like Punch Cards which are essentially boosts for your character, similar to other games with things like Runes, and a Caste system. The Caste System happens to be basically like a class system but in terms of standing in society and not your typical class system like being a Knight or Rogue. There are a total of six Castes in Unnamed 101.

This game has one of those story systems in it as well where your decisions affect the outcome at the end and how the overall game plays out. There is also a complete refining system in Unnamed 101 where you can refine your ammo and weapons to make the stronger. What’s even more interesting is the fact that when you finish the game, you’ll have actually made a comic out of your adventure as well which you can turn around and print out as a physical comic to have.

Unnamed 101 has 23 days to go on Kickstarter with a goal of $40,000 which, by today’s standard, isn’t a whole lot when it comes to funding goals on Kickstarter. So if you’re up for it and want to help out, just head over to the Unnamed 101 Kickstarter page to help out. You can check out the Unnamed 101 Kickstarter video below.

Website Referenced: Unnamed 101 Kickstarter

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