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Imangi’s Temple Run 2 gets some new characters to play as in new update

While most Thursdays are usually all about a ton of game releases, this Thursday seems to be all about the updates instead. Of course this could be because we have a lot of big titles coming next week instead. Either way, expect to download plenty of updates today and Temple Run 2 is now exception from the rule.

Today Imangi has released a new update for Temple Run 2 which brings with it some new characters to play as. Players will now have the option to collect gems and run like crazy as Zach Wonder, Francisco Montoya, and Montana Smith. In terms of content, that is pretty much it but there is a new feature that gives players quick access to their current objectives, daily / weekly challenges and player stats.

Other than that, the update also brings a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements to the game itself. While not a mandatory download, anyone playing this game should get the update if for no other reason as to get the bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Play Link: Temple Run 2

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