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Official Firefly game announced, coming to Android in the Summer of 2014

The rather popular TV series Firefly will be getting its own official mobile game next year. While PC gamers ‘may’ get the game as well, mobile gamers are the target audience for the Firefly Online mobile game which will be a full online multiplayer title based off of the TV show. The two studios in charge for this game are QMx and Spark Plug Games.

Unfortunately there isn’t a ton of details about the game just yet except for the fact that it will be an online game and that it will be arriving sometime in the Summer of 2014. Even the current details about the game are pretty vague:

– Build a crew, create a “shiny ship,” and “explore the Verse.”
– “Misbehave” amid your adventures.
– Access cross-platform, cross-device support.
– Connect to fellow Firefly fans via social features.

We can take a few educated stabs as to what this game would entail in terms of gameplay judging from the vague details released about it. It sounds like it wil be something similar to current space-themed MMO titles like Vendetta Online but we aren’t even sure that it will be an MMO style of game. The official website is labeling it as a social RPG so who knows really right now how far that ‘social’ part will go.

We will be trying to dig out more information about this upcoming Firefly Online game and if we manage to uncover anything, we will post an update. At least we have a trailer to watch although that doesn’t show a hell of a lot either.

Official Website: Firefly Online

Website Referenced: The Escapist

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