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Multiplayer turn-based strategy game TurtleStrike gets a teaser video

We’ve covered the fact that TurtleStrike is heading our way soon on July 25th, 2013 as well as all of the details about the game. Well eeGon has decided to release a little teaser trailer for their multiplayer turn-based strategy game and while this doesn’t really show any gameplay, you do get to check out some of the turtles in the game along with their weaponry.

For those of you who have missed our previous coverage, TurtleStrike is a game along the same lines as Worms. When the game begins, players will create three different formations using a total of 10 turtles each. Once you’ve got all your turtles grouped up to how you like it, you’ll then hit the waters and square off against another player to see who is more skillful with armed turtles.

While there are your standard weapons, you will also have access eventually to specialty weapons to use. In total there happens to be over 80,000 different combinations available to use between weapons and armor for your turtles. Your end game goal is to destroy all your opponent’s turtles of course. What will really attract players to this game, aside from it being a multiplayer game, is that there will be regular tournaments with cash prizes, with some prizes at times being up to $1,000.

For those of you looking forward to this game, TurtleStrike will be landing on Google Play in a few days, July 25th, 2013 to be exact and it will be free-to-play.

Developer Website: eeGon

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