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Design an Iron Man suit and have it featured in Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 game

While we don’t usually post about contest and giveaway by other companies, this particular one is actually kind of fun. Gameloft is holding a design contest where anyone can design an Iron Man suit and should your design get picked as one of the winners, it will be featured in the Iron Man 3 game and your name will also be included in the game’s credits.

Things get even easier with this contest as Gameloft has an online editor all set up over on Facebook. So you literally don’t need any artistic talent to compete in this, just some sort of eye on what looks good and a sense of style and taste. However this does limit the options a little when it comes to designing a suit as well but at least you don’t have to hand draw all of it, scan it or create it in Photoshop and send it in. Just use the editor.

You do have to ‘Like’ Gameloft on Facebook in order to participate in this contest. If you’re interested in trying your hand at designing an Iron Man suit, even if its just to try out the rather neat online editor, just hit up Gameloft’s Facebook to enter.

Website Referenced: Gameloft’s Iron Man Suit Design Contest

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