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Gamelion’s Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth becomes available for everyone worldwide

Back near the beginning of this month Gamelion released the sequel to their rather popular arcade shooter game Monster Shooter. Well to coincide with the unveiling of the new Nexus devices, Gamelion has launched Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth on a worldwide scale now, ending the location-specific soft launch it has been in over the past couple of weeks.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage regarding Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth, this game has the fight coming to Earth and you will have to defend Earth from alien attacks instead of going after them yourself when they kidnapped your cat. Now the aliens are on the attack trying to get all the cats on Earth in one big swoop.

Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth features:

– Gorgeous high-definition graphics.
– 80 different levels.
– Four destructible environments (suburbs, city, desert and arctic).
– Over 20 different weapons, including a Mech suit!
– Lots of new enemies and frantic boss battles.
– Three game modes (Story, Survival and Endless)
– Co-op gameplay action with an on-screen companion.
– Over 100 objective-driven missions.
– Soundtrack composed by The Witcher musician Marcin Przybyłowicz (available for download separately).

For the first time in the series Monster Shooter 2 will feature co-op multiplayer, so you and a friend can team up to battle out the aliens. You’ll have plenty of weaponry available to do it with as well including full mech suits. You’ll also have a pretty epic soundtrack thanks to veteran game musician Marcin Przybyłowicz (of The Witcher series fame) who produced it.

If you’ve been wanting to grab this game but couldn’t due to its limited launch, you can now pick up a copy of Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Monster Shooter 2: Back To Earth

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