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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.3 Update coming soon with plenty of fixes

The Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.3 looks to be getting closer to finally being released onto Android and iOS. This update will feature mostly bug fixes since Minecraft Pocket Realms has been released in its beta for since the 0.7.0 update. However, it isn’t all bug fixes that will be coming with this update.

The 0.7.3 update will feature a new login system which will be replacing the current one. A lot of people tend to have problems with what is currently available so the new login system will apparently cure these issues. Another nifty feature is the ability to reset your realm. Whether this is just for Minecraft Pocket Realms or all in-game realms including single player remains to be seen.

New night sky

New additions to the sky may be arriving in 0.7.3 as well. While the new sky is pretty much done, adding it to the game may not make it in time for the deadline Mojang has for submitting the 0.7.3 update since they still have to finish testing it. The new sky comes with a Sun, Moon and Stars and looks rather good as you can see in the image above. Also spider eyes will be glowing red at night.

Another really important feature will be arriving in 0.7.3 and that is the bouncing yellow text during the title screen. Yeah, Mojang is hitting all the important stuff. There are plenty of important bug fixes as well including the furnace and inventory bugs.

Yellow bouncing text

Also it does look like Redstone is being worked on. Either that or Daniel Kaplan is a big troll. We shall soon see but he did mention it in a tweet to Johan in regards to certain things needing to be fixed. However I wouldn’t expect that to arrive in 0.7.3. If anything it would be arriving in 0.8.0.

As for when this update will go live, the developers working on it are looking at submitting the update in about two weeks. So in the next 2-3 weeks we should be getting the 0.7.3 update.

Website Referenced: Johan’s Twitter

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