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Square Enix’s Chaos Rings now available through Playstation Mobile

Square Enix has made one of their games on Android just a little bit more accessible as they have put Chaos Rings up on Sony’s Playstation Mobile store. This is the first Square Enix title to appear on the store and while most Android users shouldn’t have a problem grabbing their games off of Google Play, those of you who prefer Sony’s store can now grab a copy of Chaos Rings off of there.

This move to Playstation Mobile with Chaos Rings is more for current PS Vita owners more than likely but if you happen to have a Playstation Certified Android device, you can also grab it. The price is $6.99 and everything so there is no difference between this version and the one of Google Play.

No word if other Square Enix titles will arrive on Playstation Mobile but it is a bit interesting that it was Chaos Rings and not one of the Final Fantasy games first.

Official Website: Playstation Mobile store

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