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AMA Ltd announces their first game for Google Glass called Escape

Even though Google Glass isn’t out for public consumption just yet and there are only a few of them floating around right now, AMA Ltd has already finished a game for the wearable technology called Escape. This game is already available for those of you interested in checking it out over on Google Play and AMA Ltd has ported it over to Google Glass as well which must have been an interesting job to accomplish.

Escape is a little puzzle game where players control a character named Norm who is stuck and needs to escape from each stage. Players will be able to move Norm up, down, left and right in order to eliminate each stone (the black circles) in each stage until they are all gone. You can’t retrace your steps either so you’ll have to plan out your moves carefully.

While the Google Play version of the game comes with a dozen levels to work your way through, more levels are available through in-game purchases. Whether this format has translated over onto the Google Glass version or not, we don’t know just yet. It could be the full game all up front. You can check out the game in action on Google Glass in the video above.

The official unveiling of this game will be happening at the upcoming GamesCom 2013.

Google Play Link: Escape! (Normal Android version)

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